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4 simple signs you need to repair the cooler

4 simple signs you need to repair the cooler

We all are suffering from a lot of hotness and it is creating a lot of problems for us. After all, we are living in Delhi’satmosphere where the temperature is 45 above. It is killing us badly. But we have a cooler and AC that cools us.

How cooler is different from Ac

  1. AC creates pollution so, we should use a cooler to cool our room.
  2. Cooler also cools the room like AC does.  
  3. It acts the same as AC.
  4. But you have to maintain it properly.
  5. It needs a time to the time cleaning process to stay away from the mosquitoes.
  6. It needs water to fill up to provide cool air.
  7. The Cooler sounds a lot more than AC.
  8. Cooler attracts less energy power than AC.
  9. It is bigger than AC. 
  10. The cooler doesn’t need wall support or a window to cool our room.
  11. It doesn’t create pollution as AC much does.

After all, the cooler is the best against AC. But what if any cooling home appliance will become damaged? How will we survive then? You will Google cooler repair or Appliance repair service near me that can take a lot of time and even you don’t know its damage or not.  That’s why we have to be ready for a bad situation. Below mentioned are the signs that can show the cooler needs repairing service.


Excessive frost buildups because of the fluctuating temperatures inside the cooler. It affects us a lot our cooler. It may damage your cooler or cool your room less. When you ever feel your room temps are high after running cooler, inventory is melting and then freezing. If this happens, you need to repair your cooler as fast as possible. In this situation, OWS Repair will help you find the best technicians for you.

Leaking water

Water leaks from a bad unit installation, old seals, or faulty insulation. It also happens by excessive water flowing. Fill the water to a limit because excessive water in the cooler can damage your cooler or its motor. Throw out the dirty water and fill clean water in it. Water with dust can infect you with many diseases such as malaria and dengue.


We all know the cooler sound a lot but sometimes it creates annoying noise that can be caused by any damage to the cooler the noise is squalling, knocking, or scraping types. If you hear any humming sound coming inside from your cooler, call a technician immediately to repair it fast. Damage cooler this summer can lose your temper too, so maintain the cooler appropriately.

Bad smells

A bad smell can come inside from the cooler. This smells fragrant too much and also can cause diseases. It also damages your cooler. It happens because of the not cleaning cooler regularly. The dust gets stuck in the cooler for a long time. It smells like shit and couldn’t clean by your hand it needs chemicals to remove all dust and germs. If you bad smell from your cooler, immediately calls the technicians to give you services for this.

If you find these problems in your cooler, do not suffer a lot, call the technicians to repair or service your cooler. Until then, relax in front of the cooler.

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