5 Air Conditioner Noises You Should Never Avoid

5 Air Conditioner Noises You Should Never Avoid

This summer is hot, and we are sweating like we are melting. Dealing with summer is not easy, but AC is the only cure for our problems. Fans and coolers can give us air, but AC has adorable features that provide cool air. AC is the only thing that can save from the high-temperature weather.

Summer is around the corner, it’s time to turn on the AC to get cool air. But if it starts making strange sounds that you can't handle, take a look at the AC. This noisy sound may come for any reason like damage or broken AC parts.

AC creates pollution is the old theory, but now eco-friendly air conditioners are available at reasonable prices in the electrical home appliance market. These are invented to keep our environment safe because many people use AC due to the humidity. You can also acquire an AC to reduce hot and get cool air from it.

From this article, you will get to know what these airconditioner noises mean and what to do when you hear them.

Clanking or banging

Clanking and banging sounds indicate that one of the parts of the AC is broken or loose. This sound will come whenever you turn on AC. When you hear the sound something like that immediately, call the technician nearby your area or can contact OWS Repair Services, who will help find the best technician for AC Repair Service at a reasonable price. You do not have to exhaust yourself while searching for AC Repair In Delhi or AC Repair near me online.

Hissing or whistling

The key with hissing and whistling noises is to hear for how long they last. When you turn on AC, and it starts chirping but then stops, it could be possible to the unit’s expansion valve of gas. It is a different kind of problem from the previous one. Turn off the AC and start it again if it's running properly then there is no worry about it.

However, if this problem continues, the whistling could be more serious, like leaking the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps cooling your house, and if it is damaged, AC will provide warm air. It is better to repair the refrigeration of AC swiftly.

When the AC is too old, in this case, the technician couldn't repair the refrigeration of ac at any cost. But OWS Repair services can provide you the amazing ideas on what to do next.


It's okay if AC hums as it turns on, but this humming sound converted into buzzing can complicate the situation. The reason could be the damaged parts AC such as

1. Fan motor

2. Blower

3. Condenser coil

4. Fan blades

It also could resolve by a technician, but you have to call a reliable technician, otherwise, it can cause more damage to the AC.


Usually, rattling depends on two things; either the parts are deteriorating, or there is debris such as dry leaves. If you hear the noise, call professionals to open it up and take a look at the AC.


Grinding noise is the worst sound ever that ruins the AC entirely. It could be an issue with the condenser. This sound is like something left inside the AC. As fast as you can call the technician, call them for ac manufacturing in India.

AC maintenance cost is low and fatly recover it. After reading this blog post, if you find some sounds like this, never ignore them.

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