5 Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

5 Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

A refrigerator is arguably the most important household appliance. Have you ever noticed that your refrigerator is the only electrical appliance in the house that draws power twenty-four hours a day? This is because it has the crucial task of keeping your cooked food, fruits and vegetables, meat, milk, and other dairy products, drinking water, and a host of other perishable goods fresh and safe for your consumption. A refrigerator plays a big role in keeping you healthy. But it can only do so effectively if you take good care of its health as well!

Like any other electrical appliance, your refrigerator needs regular maintenance for it to continue working at maximum efficiency. It is therefore your duty to ensure that certain periodic checks are carried out by you to keep it running smoothly. Here are a few easy and useful tips to keep your expensive appliance in good shape:

Keep the coils clean: Your refrigerator has a set of metal pipes or coils, usually situated at the back. These coils are known as condensers and they keep your fridge cool. Over time, dust and grime accumulate on the condensers, which reduces their ability to cool efficiently. Therefore, you must clean the surface of the coils at least twice a year.

Check the door seals: The inside border of your fridge contains a rubberized seal or gasket that prevents outside air from entering the fridge. Due to constant usage, the seal could loosen over time, letting in outside air, and making your fridge work harder to keep the interior cool. Regular cleaning of the seal and checks to ensure that it is tight needs to be carried out.

Maintain optimal temperature: Maintain the temperature of your refrigerator at 2-4 degrees Centigrade, and your freezer at -18 degrees Centigrade. This should be checked once a month to prevent the malfunctioning of the refrigerator.

Clean the fridge regularly: The interior of your fridge can get dirty due to spillages, leakages, or dripping of stored food. Make sure that you clean the interior thoroughly about once a month.

Keep the freezer full: Ensure that your freezer is as full as possible to reduce more power being utilized to cool unused areas.

These precautions should help you prolong the life of your fridge but more serious technical faults do take place. In such situations, whether you need refrigerator repair in Delhi or refrigerator repair in Ghaziabad, reach out to ready to repair and your problems will be taken care of promptly, and efficiently by our team of experts and that too at amazingly competitive rates.

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