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7 Warning signs Your Refrigerator Give asking for Repair service

7 Warning signs Your Refrigerator Give asking for Repair service
Ever thought about how much you spent on the repair of your refrigerator. Even the quick fix DIY needs your efforts and time. You can save yourself from all these problems and need not call for a home appliance repair service if you get these 7 warning signs that your refrigerator needs repair services.

1. It’s Not Cold Enough

Do you stop feeling the chill when you open your fridge? Does your ice cream melt in the fridge? It happens when your fridge faces trouble maintaining the proper temperature. It just does not affect your food but your electricity bills as well because your refrigerator has to work overtime to maintain its temperature. Do call the home appliance repair service company the moment you notice a drop in temperature.

2. Your Food is Spoiling Quickly

Sometimes, the temperature problem doesn't feel like an issue whenever you open your refrigerator door. It doesn't mean your refrigerator is fine. The second unique signal is the spoiling food. Do check the expiration dates of the products before you start blaming your refrigerator. Consider the repairing option for your refrigerator if you throw your spoiled food regularly.

3. There’s Condensation

A little condensation might not be a problem but the excess condensation. If you are finding condensation on your food and it is a big sign that your refrigerator is not functioning properly. There must be some issues with your fridge's mechanics which can be corrected by replacing the rubber seal. Over time, the seal causes cold air to pass via cracks even when the door is shut. Call home appliance repair service as seal must be installed correctly for the proper functioning of the fridge.

4. Ice Build Up in Your Freezer

There are some cases when the freezer becomes the surface of Antarctica. The situation arises when the freezer fails to control the temperature. Don't worry as it is not a major issue and needs your immediate attention. Defrost your refrigerator manually. You can perform this by turning off your fridge and keeping your freezer open. If you still face the problem then hire a repairman.

5. The Motor is Hot

All types of motor feel a little warm after its run. However, it must not feel hot. If you feel excessive heat when you put your hand towards the back of your fridge, call an expert repairman by contacting a home appliance repair service.

Remember that a hot motor indicates that your fridge is running overtime to maintain the temperature. It also indicates that either you are going to hear the loud breaking sound of the motor or just end up paying a higher electricity amount.

6. It’s Loud

A normal fine-working refrigerator often makes a soft humming sound. If the sound is replaced into high wails and thuds then you must understand that your refrigerator is not fine and needs your attention. When the temperature rises from the set level, the motor and compressor start making louder sounds than usual.

The major reason for such loud humming noises is the broken refrigerator. Other common sounds in which your refrigerator screams for help are buzzing, clicking, and hissing.

7. There’s Water on Your Floor

Ever thought to move your refrigerator a little bit and clean the floor under your refrigerator? You will notice the water on the floor. Don't clean it, just call the refrigerator repair company.

Both water on your floor and ice on your walls can lead to water damage, so you’ll want to get this problem fixed right away. To prevent this, consider pulling your fridge out once or twice a year to clean under it and to check for possible leaks.

Signs Your Refrigerator is Broken

Do you need a trusted and experienced home appliance repair company in Delhi NCR? Then contact us today to set up an appointment for the sake of your refrigerator.

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