My Gas Stove Igniter keeps creating Clicking sound

My Gas Stove Igniter keeps creating Clicking sound

Stove gas is an important appliance for our kitchen because it is the only thing that cooks our food properly. Most people use a microwave oven to cook food, but it takes a lot of time and doesn’t cook food well. Gas stoves make the food fresh and completely cooked. But, what if it is damaged or stops working properly? You cannot live a day with a starving stomach.

There are different types of gas stoves, such as prestige gas stoves, sunflame gas stoves, butterfly gas stoves, and many more. All of them are the same with the same features. The best gas stove has come up with 5-star ratings. But, most of the time, all gas stoves fail to work congruously.

Have you ever noticed your gas stove continuously clicking, even when you never use it regularly? This problem is old and common, and homemakers who feel disturbed by this matter cannot deal with it. This problem applies to electrical gas stoves.

When a user presses the gas knob, there is a sound coming inside the gas and a little spark ignites the gas. This could be dangerous for the users and other people too. If the clicking sound keeps coming, it can impact badly on the gas stove. And also the gas stove clicking sound is annoying noise.

The clicking sound is caused by the spark electrode creating little sparks in the gas stove. When the gas stove works appropriately, sparks meet with the released gas and create a flame in the gas. When it clicks outside of ignition, it will not spark any light or flame can be dangerous. This malfunction usually doesn’t affect the burner by itself.

If the gas stove works fine, the clicking sound will disappear automatically. However, if the auto-igniter has jammed, the clicking sound will not stop. Well, the good news is that it can be repaired by a professional technician who has the broad knowledge of Gas Stove Repair, or you can solve it on your own with some guidance.

Principal of automatic ignition operation

Before understanding the cause of automation of ignition failure, you need to know how it works. It’s not difficult to understand the operation of ignition. The ignition mechanism is generated from the mains, and it starts to press a specific button and turns it towards the gas regulator in the direction shown.

The process of operation of the ignition mechanism is mentioned below:

1. After pressing the ignition button, the spark will change by the current of electrical pulses.

2. Turn on the knob that opens a particular burner, and the gas is applied to it.

3. When the ignition button turns on, the gas is applied and begins to burn

4. When the ignition mechanism interacts with the gas and turns into a flame, the spark is produced  

5. The knob releases a few seconds after turning on

6. A few seconds are enough for the system to be magnetized

If your gas stove repeatedly clicks, there are several points to repair it without exhausting. The first thing is to clean the entire stove regularly to remove dust and grease from it. If the button is broken, it can be replaced easily with a new one. 

But if the gas stove is damaged from the inside, it's not your cup of tea to solve the issue, you need a qualified technician. OWS Repair is available for you to help. It helps to provide you with the best technician near your area because most people search for the Gas stove Repair near me and reach the uncountable options and choosing them is difficult, so recommend OWS Repair to repair gas stove.

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