Summer Days Are Coming And Your AC Is Not Working: Fix It On Your Own

Summer Days Are Coming And Your AC Is Not Working: Fix It On Your Own

Summer's season has started and you turn on AC to get cooling but it is not working. Turning on your AC after the winter season can destruct your AC. You have forgotten to do servicing and now it’s not working.  Repairing your AC is not an easy task but not impossible. If you are interested to get knowledge about repairing, get it from here.

There are many reasons why your AC is not responding. Below mentioned are the reasons and solutions to AC Repair.

Power issues

You may be forgotten to check electrical switches. Check the electrical switches that are okay or not? Sometimes power has fused because your AC were cooling too much. Try to turn it on and off twice and thrice it will start working. If it stops working again, you need a professional to check your AC because it could be a danger to you.

AC is not cooling

Many times your AC is not providing the right temperature due to malfunctioning. You thought that it stop working and worried about the repair cost. Stop panic and torturing yourself in such a case. Keep your AC on ‘auto’ mode instead of ‘on’ mode. It is a common way to fix your AC.

Suggestion: After this method, your ac is still not working properly hire professionals from OWS repair services.

Dirty air filter

In the winter season, you never think about AC. You never do cleaning and in summer days suddenly turn on AC that is not cooling properly. It is because of the dirt and dust. If dust clogged air filter, it will create problems with your AC.  

What types of problems will create?

  • Dust in ac filter stops cooling your room.

  • It blocks cool air and warm air inside the ducts.

  • It will also make the evaporator coil freeze.


Always clean the ac filter with water. If ac filter block with dust wash it with lukewarm water and wait for the dry. After using this method, your AC will work properly. If the ac filter is fully destroyed by the dust, call OWS repair services to get a new ac filter from professionals.

Faulty motors

The AC's motor of the fan can be broken or faulty. If it is broken there is no way to fix it on your own. You need professional technicians who will fix it.

OWS repair services have the best technicians who fix everything related to home appliances. Hire professionals from OWS repair services and repair the motors of the fan.

Refrigerant level

Refrigerant is a chemical compound found in the air conditioner. It helps to absorb heat from the environment and provides you with cool air. If your AC is not cooling it might be malfunctioned due to leakage of refrigerant.

How to identify leakage?

  • Low cooling process

  • Coming to Hissing sounds from the indoor unit

  • Frozen coils

  • Bubbling sounds are also coming

If there is any type of problem that occurs in your AC, get professional technicians to repair it. AC has the most complicated parts which cannot be operated by you who have no information related to technical departments.

Damaged compressor

The compressor is the key to moving the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coil. The compressor is very important for refrigerant and air conditioning systems. The compressor can be damaged by dust and dirt. It will be overheated and fail to run.    

 It is complex to fix a damaged compressor. Stop wasting your time in it and hire professionals from OWS repair services.  The best technicians will fix the air conditioner in a minimum time.


Repairing AC is not easy and fast. It will take your whole time and you will never find the problem with the AC. Hiring professionals to fix the air conditioner is the best way to save your time and money as well. OWS repair services give services at the doorstep at a convenient price.

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