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Microwave Repair in Chanakyapuri

 Microwave Repair in Chanakyapuri

Microwaves have become an essential part of our modern kitchens, making our cooking and reheating tasks quick and convenient. However, like any other electrical appliance, oven can also encounter issues and require professional repair services. If you reside in Chanakyapuri and are facing problems with your microwave, you can rely on our top-notch Microwave repair in Chanakyapuri. With our expertise and experience, we offer reliable solutions for all types of microwaves and brands at an unbeatable price of just Rs 299.

Our Microwave Repair Services

We offer comprehensive repair services for all types of microwaves, including:

1. Convection Microwaves

Convection microwaves combine the features of a traditional microwave and an oven, allowing for versatile cooking options. Our technicians are well-versed in repairing convection microwaves, addressing issues like uneven heating, faulty temperature control, and malfunctioning fans.

2. Grill Microwaves

Grill microwaves are perfect for those who enjoy grilled dishes but lack an outdoor grill. If your grill microwave is not functioning optimally, our experts can troubleshoot and fix issues related to the grill function, heating elements, and temperature regulation.

3. Solo Microwaves

Solo microwaves are the basic models that excel in reheating and defrosting tasks. Our technicians can diagnose and repair various problems associated with solo microwaves, including power supply issues, faulty buttons or knobs, and non-responsive touch panels.

How to Avail Our Services?

Availing our microwave repair services in Chanakyapuri is a hassle-free process. Simply follow these steps:
1. Contact our customer service team at 8181812562 through our phone to schedule a repair appointment.
2. Provide details about the make, model, and issue with your microwave.
3. Our technician will visit your location at the scheduled time to assess and repair your microwave.
4. Once the repair is complete, our technician will thoroughly test the appliance to ensure it is functioning optimally.
5. Pay the affordable repair fee of just Rs 299 for our services.

Don't let a malfunctioning microwave disrupt your daily routine. Contact us today to schedule a repair appointment and enjoy the convenience of a fully functional microwave in your kitchen once again.


Q. My microwave blows the fuse inside itself as soon as I push the start button.
A. Usually a shorted high voltage capacitor problem to fix call OWS repair at 8181812562.

Q. Do you repair Over the range microwave oven?
A. Yes we repair all type of ovens like Built-in Microwave, Over-the-Range OR Microwave hood combination, Countertop Microwave,  Drawer OR Under-Counter Microwave,Conviction Microwave

Q. Do you repair IFB Microwave?
A. Yes, we repair all brands of microwave like, LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven, IFB,  Samsung,: Godrej , Panasonic


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