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Refrigerator Repair in Rithala

Refrigerator Repair in Rithala

When it comes to Refrigerator Repair in Rithala, look no further than OWS Repair. Our company has been providing top-notch appliance repair services for over a decade, and we specialize in repairing a wide range of refrigerators, including French Door, Side-by-Side, and top-mount models. With our experience, expertise, authority, and trust, you can count on us to get your refrigerator up and running in no time.

Models we repair:

At OWS Repair, we understand the importance of a fully functional refrigerator in your kitchen. That's why we offer expert repair services for a variety of refrigerator models, ensuring that your perishables stay cool and your food remains fresh. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in handling different types of refrigerators, including:

1. French Door Refrigerators:
a) Repairing and troubleshooting issues with door seals, ice makers, and temperature controls.
b) Identifying and fixing problems with cooling systems and compressors.
c) Addressing common issues like water leakage and defrosting problems.

2. Side-by-Side Refrigerators:
a) Diagnosing and resolving issues related to faulty evaporator fans and condenser coils.
b) Repairing or replacing malfunctioning water and ice dispensers.
c) Resolving temperature control and cooling problems.

3. Top Mount Refrigerators:
a) Fixing issues with temperature irregularities and ineffective cooling.
b) Repairing damaged or malfunctioning freezer components.
c) Troubleshooting and resolving problems with faulty defrost systems.

Expert Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Refrigerator

1. Keep the coils clean:
 Regularly clean the condenser coils at the back of your refrigerator to ensure efficient cooling and prevent dust build-up.
2. Check the door seals:
Make sure the door seals are intact and free from cracks or leaks. Damaged door seals can cause temperature fluctuations and energy wastage.
3. Avoid overloading:
Don't overload your refrigerator as it can strain the cooling system. Distribute the contents evenly to allow proper air circulation.
4. Allow space for ventilation:
Ensure that there is ample space around your refrigerator to allow proper ventilation, especially at the back and sides.
5. Regularly defrost:
 If you own a manual defrost refrigerator, make sure to defrost it regularly to prevent ice build-up and subsequent cooling issues.


Q. Can you repair built-in refrigerators?
A. Yes, we have expertise in repairing all types of refrigerators, including built-in models commonly found in kitchens.

Q. My refrigerator is making a loud noise. What could be the issue?
A. Loud noises can indicate various problems, such as a malfunctioning compressor or fan motor. Our technicians can diagnose the issue and recommend the necessary repairs.

Q. Do you offer same-day repair service?
A. Yes, we understand the urgency of refrigerator repairs, and we strive to offer same-day repair service whenever possible.

Q. What are the common refrigerator problems you can fix?
A. We can fix a wide range of refrigerator issues, including temperature fluctuations, leaking water, strange noises, ice maker problems, and more.


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